Monday, June 16, 2008

Think Positive!

I saw this insect while I'm about to go to work @ our main door. I was kinda thinking bad the moment I saw it. I remember old superstition that seeing insects like that means " bad luck"..I started thinking negative thoughts like maybe something happen to my lola since she was sick (sigh) or something bad might happen to me while going to work or my boyfriend while going home. In short I was paranoid!..waaaaahhh...

Until I reach our work place and sort of relieve that nothing goes wrong expect having a hard time finding a jeepney to ride on. gosh!.. Then here it comes, about 11:00 pm a text from Jak a friend of jan2x(my bf).. The message goes like this: "TM Emergency Text!-Please Call Me. Salamat". I was receiving same messages 3 - 4 times continuesly. My heart beat faster and faster and I'm so scared. Thinking something bad might happen to him. I grab my phone and call Jak immediately !! hai thanks GOD nothing went wrong..Everything is perfectly fine!..hahai..."Wala lang palang load", their intention of using the service is just to let me know that they cant text me back.. hai. gosh!...(na erang gyud ko kadali as in.. ng palpitate).. hihihi.. Thank you Lord talaga!.. I can smile na right now...wink

Lesson Learn Today: Don't think Negatively - it DOES NO GOOD!..always be POSITIVE!
One more thing I found out that the insect really comes out in there shell during rainy days..hihi.. hai nku old beliefs it makes me a bit insane for a while..haha...