Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unique body painting technique

I came across a site and I was amaze with how human mind work with the kind of art they create using different kinds of body part technique.

First technique: Butt painting - it may sound funny but its real you can really create piece of art using your butt...Stephen Murmer is the person behind this creative work he even use his genitals to add some details on his paintings...

Stephen Murmer @ work.

His works.
Take note: his painting is selling about $900 each..


Second Technique: Breast Painting - Di Pee is one of the artist using this kind of technique her advantage maybe is her full-size breast..

Di Pee in action.

Her Arts.
Di Peel's Business Logo

Volcanic Explosion

Third Technique : Tongue Painting - Ani K from India is inspired when he saw a man painting with his foot that might give him a motivation to do his own technique...

Ani K on work mood.

Fourth Technique: Teeth Painting - Christopher Kuster "Painting gives me a release from my physical bonds, I become so engrossed in the picture that I no longer feel as if I am in a wheelchair, I am free."

Chris and his art.

Florida Manatee

Fifth Technique : Eyeball Painting - Xiang Chen is the artish behind this style.

Chen and his eye bull @ work.