Monday, February 23, 2009

10 Things you dont know about Me..

Got tag by friend/officemate Raquel. enks gurl.. 10 things you don't know about me...

1. I'm afraid of lizard.. grrr.. I really hate that reptile.haha

2. I don't eat durian its so ew2x..haha..I really can't take its odor it made me feel dizzy :(

3. At one time I'm super addict with the korean novela meteor garden na as in umuuwi talaga ako early from school just to watch the show kahit tapos ko na siyang basahin through internet..

4. Mas prefer ko yung guy na payat at mala addict ang face..hahah... kasi daw mas true mag mahal ang mangas na tao..haha..charing.. proven and tested...bwahahha

5. When I was in first year high school I was caught gambling...ew kaulaw!(sigh)..but that was ended a fun moment during my high school days.

6. I love Ube flavor ice cream.. its so yummy! :)

7. Endless love 1 (Autumn in my heart)- it is one of my favorite korean novela since I started watching the show wala na talaga akong ginawa kung di was really a heart breaking story...gosh!

8. Addict ako sa tulog..and i hate waking up early in th morning kaya palagi akong late sa first subject ko sa school at pati sa work ko..masarap talaga matulog eh.. weeh

9. I'm out going person, i love to explore new things and adventures in short luka2x..haha

10. I may look stronger outside but I'm super weak. :( .. God is one of my inspiration why I keep going..

Those who love to share things about there selves hmmm.. grab this tag na.. :) keep smiling :)