Friday, February 6, 2009

Night Vision @ offers a wide variety of Night Vision products at unbeatable prices. One of there products is a ATN Aries MK390 Paladin Night Vision Rifle Scope MK-390 NVWSM39010 (14361) is one of the best Gen 1 Night Vision rifle scopes available. The top of the line ATN Night Vision started by improving the optical configurations which lowered the F-stop factor and increased optical resolution. By doing this, more light travels through the lens to the tube. More light and better resolution of ATN Aries MK-390 Paladin Night Vision Rifle Scope NVWSM39010 simply means brighter and sharper image. Then ATN Aries MK390 Paladin Night Vision added their precision "red on green" aiming system, easy push button operation, reticle brightness adjustment and our new detachable, most powerful in the industry 450mw Infrared Illuminator with dedicated windage and elevation adjustments.

Now have this Night Vision Rifle Scope on sale with a huge discount and at our new and great low price. This ATN MK 390 has a scope magnification of 4x. Also the battery life of the atn mk 390 paladin rifle scope is ten to twenty hours. The ATN aries mk 390 weights 2.9 pounds. Hurry and grab this opportunity now!