Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick Update

A month ago I decided to enroll at smash ville fitness center to have a more healthy life style and to lose weight as well. Late last year I found out that I'm pre-hypertensive it is in our blood line though, my blood pressure is up to 140/90 it really made me worried and I also gained 7kl from last year (OMG!!!). I seek advice from my sister and she told me to eat healthy foods and regular exercise would be the best thing I could do rather than taking medicine. So that made me decide to enroll at the gym. I ask my friend hazel if she love to go with me then she said yes, then we enroll together with my cousin joy.

our first few days @ smash ville

Apparently hazel is too busy with her studies so she did not able to continue her gym sessions as well as my cousin. My officemates enrolled too at the same fitness center, so at least i have someone to talk and jam while doing the exercise ..weeeh...

Yesterday was my one month evaluation, I'm happy with the result I lose 1.3 kl(at least), my body fat is now 34, its 36 when I started, but the normal body fat should be 21-24..gosh! kalayo pa oi..hehe... hahai...Somehow, it is a good start..go lang ng go!!.. My goal is to weight 50kl before the year end.. I hope I could make it! ampo ko ninyo..hahha...

my latest pics..:)