Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cuteness and Creative Award!

Got this cute award from friend Miemot. enk you dai..hehe What I need to do is to list ten cute random facts about me. So here it goes:

1. When I was a kid my parents thought that I'm going to be a lesbian cause I really don't like to play dolls. " pag palitan kung doll ky gina kurisan nku ang nawong"..haha... my favorite toy is a gun,dunno why love that thing..hehe...

2. I can't sleep without mosquito net..weeh...That's one habit I could not resist..hehe

3. I'm fun of giving nicknames with my childhood friends. I remember one of my friend, she use to play with me everyday, she's morena and beautiful so I name her " Inday Beauty"since then everyone call her that name..hehe..

4. I had various nicknames, My family and friends use to call me "lang" or "palang" short for "palangga", then "ling", "tong","molitong" and "moling" for my officemates. One thing in common all end up with "ng"..haha

5. I love to play sports like badminton, volleyball, basketball, and kickball but sad to say sports or any ball games doesn't suit me. So I ended up watching the games and wishing I could play with them one day..wawa..hehe

6. Almost all of my playmates during my childhood days are boys so I tend to follow there actions. Funny thing is I also pee like them..haha..hai...one thing for sure I'm not doing the same thing now..haha... Super girl na girl na po ako..heheh

7. I love to play with my fathers tummy, thats one thing I could never forget during my childhood years. "daku tyan ako tatay, ganahan ko mag bounce2x"...haha.. miss that thing so much...:(

8. High School days is not that good for me, its the time for adjustment for a new environment, new people and everything. But then i also had fun memories during that time.. I tend to sleep to the clinic even if I don't feel bad just to escape my Filipino class, cause I don't like my teacher.., I hated ROTC I felt like being tortured..haha.. since friday is our ROTC I always had a friday fever "naka set na kalinturahon ko every friday"..haha.. to get away from the class..waaahhh.. bad girl...mabait po ako...haha

9. College i s the best years for me... I really enjoy every moment... hai.. Everything that time seems perfect, though we have lots of projects and school works we manage to cope up things... Sobrang daming memories, good and bad...Dito ako natotong uminon and malashing..hahha... mag tambay sa boarding house, mag chika to the max ang ending hindi na nakapasok sa school...waaahh... nakaranas ng true love at masaktan ng tudo..charing..hehe... mawawala ba naman ang kumpayahan ever..haha... umiiyak dahil hindi naka defense at sobrang tuwa dahil naka pasa sa lahat ng subjects... hahai.. at pinaka the best sa lahat I found my real and true friends...ai..:)

10. 10 is my favorite number... I'm a super fan of Danny I..hehe... love Chito Miranda too...haha..

hmmm...cute ba ang mga pinagsasabi ko..hahah... to everyone who love this .. Grab this award na...hehe...

Spread the cuteness in you..